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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Lake Somerville Report

Report from Lake Somerville… Crappie anyone?



greenyak: Re: Lake Somerville

Caught a bunch of fish in the yegua kept 20 keepers http://texasfishingforum.com/forums/pics/usergals/2016/12/full-21078-141043-img_0425.jpg



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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lower Mountain Fork!

Great report on LMF!

12/22/16 | 09:40 PM TarponFly: Re: Lower Mt Fork River - Fishing Guide Report with Video and Pictures
The river is alive again. Probably from the four extra trucks they brought in.

If you know how to fly fish you can easily catch well over 100 fish on a trip. Some places you can throw a pebble in the water and 30 or 40 truck will swarm it.

There's a couple big fish over 20 inches cruising around as well. Some browns have moved up into the shallows to start their annual Spawn.

Right now my trips start out chasing Walleye for the first hour or two. When They slow down, then we switch over to trout.

Conventional or fly fishing trips available. Groups four or more will require another one of my guides to help out.

If you'd like to book a trip and experience some awesome fishing, text me or call me. Texting is usually the easiest and fastest way to get a hold of me.

And as usual, fish and fun guaranteed. You should catch your first trout within the first five minutes. Most of the time you catch a trout on your first or second cast!
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Monday, December 19, 2016

Rowlett Creek 2016-2017

Cold but others are trying for them…!



Jeepum2008: Re: Rowlett Creek 2016-2017

Braved the cold and went out there this morning. Caught two bass and then had to leave. Anybody go out there?



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2016-2017 Trout Stocking Schedule - Waterloo Report!

Looks like fishing flies were working in Denison's Waterloo Pond for Trout!





Reshelman: Re: 2016-2017 Trout Stocking Schedule

They were biting flies well up at Denison Saturday in the freezing cold. Didn't seem to matter which one, but people with bait and spinners didn't catch anything. Smaller seemed to be the ticket.



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Community Lakes

Cold Temps but Bass are still biting!





Reshelman: Re: Community Lakes

Caught another decent one pond fishing the other day in the cold. Drop shot finesse worm again



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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trout Report 001

First report from the boards! Looks like stocker trout were hungry for anything!



Fishwfly: Re: 2016-2017 Trout Stocking Schedule

I caught many today! Used multiple spinners, ultralight cranks, even trout worms. Caught them on all. Using the G-rods Pro Trout 69XUL with 4lbs test. The rod is the most fun stocker trout rod I have used to date! It has an awesome light tip! Even cast a weighted fly! LOL. Not far, but far enough to catch fish with it. Great time today. Caught at least 10. http://texasfishingforum.com/forums/pics/usergals/2016/11/full-91389-137258-img_1300.jpg



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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bank Fishing : Re: Lavon Lake and Dam 2016





KungFuJimmy: Re: Lavon Lake and Dam 2016

today take shot fishing before raining ,south wind 16-17 mph,the sand bass was big 12-15 inch,too bad is they took 2-3 spinner and broke half line,because they fright very strong,force me to go home
frownhope after thanksgiving they still come to bank and let you guys take the final day before off season,happy thanksgiving for everybody!!!!!!!




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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Blue River Saturday

Blue River in Oklahoma is stocked. Next weekend is the Trout Derby, so be prepared for some Bruiser Trout to be stocked! Did make it to the Blue yesterday – Saturday, 4 November. Bite was on for some; others had to work at it to limit out!


What worked… Power Bait with the Garlic scent, Midges and small Black Midge Dry Flies, and Inline Spinners and Super Dupers!



Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lower Illinois River

Fished the Lower Illinois River Saturday for the first time. There are trout to be caught. Even better it is a year-round fishery in Oklahoma! Do give it a shot in the near future!



Blue River is Stocked!

Blue River is stocked with Trout again! Reports are steady with limits being taken despite the warmer weather!



Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Denison Dam

Striper fishing at the dam was good today. I caught about 20 with 3 weighing between 4-6#, all on my fly rod. I missed more than that, including one that broke my leader and was 8-10#. I caught three sandbass as well as two nice size skipjacks. They're not generating until 1:00 this week so it gives plenty of time to fish in the morning.



The Lake Lavon Fishing Team.


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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lower Mt Fork River - Broken Bow,OK - Trout Fishing Report With Pics And Video


Always a great report from a professional guide on the Lower Mountain Fork!






TarponFly: Re: Lower Mt Fork River - Broken Bow,OK - Trout Fishing Report With Pics And Video

Broken Bow @ Beavers Bend State Park Fishing Guide Report: Lower Mountain Fork River

The fall colors are probably going to start popping out within the next week or two. I'm starting to see some of the trees turning red and orange splotches, getting ready to really pop. Should be a beautiful scenery in the next coming weeks. I think we're at the tail end of the monarch migration. That was a beautiful sight to see, with hundreds of monarchs all around you all day long.

We shared one of our spots with a bald eagle all morning long one morning, perched right above our heads in a tree. I was out scouting in a couple places I've never been before and noticed an eagle dive at a fish. I remembered an episode of one of those Alaskan reality shows where they live in the woods. One of the guys said he follows the bald eagles to the fish, like we follow the Seagulls to the fish. He was right, my new bird friend was definitely on fish that day as we slammed them. He even had some skeletons below his tree of some pretty spectacular fish. Mr. Eagle even made me jealous.

At this current moment the river is semi-full of 10 to 11 inch wild stocker rainbows. They are obviously stocking a couple bigger ones as I saw a couple 20+ inch bows in the Evening Hole and a couple other spots. The big girls get yanked out quick if stocked in a blue zone. Catching small fish is really just not my thing, so right now we are fishing for walleye, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, crappies, and monster bluegills.

My main target is the Walleye right now. I am pretty sure, there are actually more walleye in the river then there are trout now. There is one pocket that we know of that has over 100 baby walleye. 12 to 13 inches. They absolutely just everywhere in the river system. From Spillway Dam to the Red River. There are a bunch of deep pockets from the Spillway Dam to the Evening Hole, but be very careful going there. If you don't have polarized glasses you're pretty much wasting your time. Slick rocks can send you in a 12 ft hole. When your scouting, If you cannot see the bottom of the river in a pocket, there's probably a walleye in there!

~Anyways, we are flyfishing and using spinning tackle. For fly fishing, we are throwing clousers, streamers, and Sparkling Olive Near Deere's at the fish. Clouser colors vary from white and chartreuse, green, green and chartreuse, black, gray and white. Streamers very in all shapes forms and sizes and colors. I tend to do well on olive or black crawfish imitations or shad streamers in white or grey with flash. Most streamers and clousers are 2-4 inches long. On occasion we will hook up on the Game Changer pattern. It's a segmented fly. Very fun to tie and mostly to fish, but, the profile is to big for most of these fish. So weather it's fly fishing or spinning rod, I will get you on these fish. If you would like to learn to fly fish as well, after about two hours max, you will be doing everything on your own. All I will have to do is tell you where the fish are.

Spinning gear: we are using 4 pound mono with a 4 pound floro leader on 7-9 ft rods. We will use rooster tails, tiny flukes, curly grubs, and small jigs used for catching Crappie's like a Thump Buddy in glitter clear, and small cranks like Rapalas. If they just will not hit a lure/fly, we will switch over to live bait ( rarely do I use live bait) which includes earthworms, crickets, and live minnows. Sometimes they want very small minnows or they'll end up wanting 4 inch minnows. You just have to pay attention to the shad hatch and match the size of the bait swimming around. There are shad at the spillway dam as well. Net one with your trout net. Put it on a hook and hold on! You will see them early in the mornings and the walleye, Sandies, and larger trout smash them against the sides of the concrete below the dam. When the sun comes up, the fish move a bit deeper usually. But some days, even on a bright sunny day, they might be sitting in 1 ft of water and sometimes even in the rapids. Most of the time we are off the beaten path power fishing the deep pockets where most people don't venture.

The White Bass are very abundant in the river as well. Just Sunday morning, I landed well over 100 Sandies that were 15-18 inches long with only one small dink on a jig. The fish were ten feet in front of me and would school on the surface chasing my fly. About an hour after that they would not touch an artificial lure/ fly at all. I tried for about 20 minutes to no avail. I threw grubbs cranks rattletraps, rapalas, and all I got was just that one dink. Switched to minnows and casted to the same pocket and immediately hooked up. I caught sandy after sandy for 2 1/2 hours every cast 10 feet in front of me. Sometimes I would catch 2 to 3 Sandy's on the same minnow. But still, they wouldn't touch any lures after that time they quit hitting them. It was very very odd. Normally we don't have an issue catching them with lures and flies. They were just really zoned in on live bait this day ( not normal ) But still super fun with 4 lb mono.

As for the trout, same flies that usually work, work. Near Deere flies still whacking them. White midges and grey RS2's bumped on the bottom. No pics cause nothing was over 15 inches lately. Nothing has changed except for the size of the fish. A few monsters here and there but very rare at the moment. If you have a 3 weight, bring it. Walleye and Sandies I recommend a 5 weight.

( Cody's epic day on the river)

For the bait fisherman for trout: bump a real salmon egg on the bottom. Find the Cold Hole and fish your way upstream less than a 1/4 mile and bump the eggs on the bottom with 4 lb line and a small split shot. After you get your limit, please put the bait up and switch to lures to prevent gut hooking every fish after your limit. You may only have one fish over 20 inches out of your six.

I would assume they will start stocking the wild hold overs soon, when it gets a bit colder. But again I've not looked into this, it's just an assumption.

( 17 plus inch fish are active at night mainly but we will still catch some monsters here and there during daylight hours. )

It's very hard for me to fish for trout right now, when the walleye are in the same waters- and they are bigger than most of the trout. If you hire me for trout, so be it then, we will go catch trout.

Facebook page : Carey A Thorn

$350 for 6 hours fishing

1-3 people

Group trips up to 8 persons with two guides available.


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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

PK Stripers...!


Another report from PK!



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robert hunter: Strippers on a rampage today!

Let me tell you wading was a great deal mor difficult with a generator running today. But the water is very clear so was able to safely navigate through it to one of my favorite positions. I added a third split shot and actually started out with the eight today which I have not taken recently. Shortly into the outing I caught a split shot right at the tip very easy fix but end of the day for the eight. So it was back to the old trusty four lol. I still had a size 6 on it and immediately went to pounding the Sandbass every cast. But seeing as I had been on a fairly consistent striper action I put three big split shot on and a size 2 clouser and I started chunking and ducking haha. I managed 25 to 30 striper today a lot of them very good size my go pro battery was dying so left the camera off and would have to turn it on get off a video to camera to take pics had several really good fish shake back off and go in before I could get a shot. I did get three or four around the 6 pound range but saw several fish that would be pushing 10 caught today and amazing evening on the water I offered going to several people but ended up on a solo mission. That first picture you can see how strait a decent striper will get a four weight and see the lack of people. That poor third fish is what happens when you just dropped a really good fish trying to get the camera going and the one you had in your hand now head stuck you with the gill plate three times already he got a little squished but he was fine lol. All in all an amazing evening on the water if you are not a very experienced wadder right now I would wait.http://i1069.photobucket.com/albums/u469/robert_bassman/FA8150A9-20C8-4438-8CB5-354BFCC15FB3.jpeghttp://i1069.photobucket.com/albums/u469/robert_bassman/7A49B5FF-D667-4AB8-A4CE-553890980F74.jpghttp://i1069.photobucket.com/albums/u469/robert_bassman/9DA85253-A62C-462B-88E7-F3E78AEE76D0.jpeghttp://i1069.photobucket.com/albums/u469/robert_bassman/5D9B8152-8A7C-418A-8936-106B52451FD4.jpghttp://i1069.photobucket.com/albums/u469/robert_bassman/7DE65E43-3F50-45D6-96BA-A2A36B3F296C.jpghttp://i1069.photobucket.com/albums/u469/robert_bassman/3105662D-FCA6-429D-A07A-37B604CCF5DE.jpghttp://i1069.photobucket.com/albums/u469/robert_bassman/7F45DDF3-FF49-418E-9BB8-686B74ACE034.jpg




Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dinosaur Valley Bassing

Liking this report from Dinosaur Valley State Park!


Glitchmo: Dinosaur Valley Bassing

I wrote this for another forum, so many of you guys probably know all this, but...

If you guys can check my species IDs, I would appreciate it.

Also I just discovered that there's a max number of img links/post here. Good to know.

My girlfriend Christina and I headed over to Dinosaur Valley State Park, which sits astride the Paluxy River.




DVSP's major claim to fame is the plethora of preserved dinosaur prints found throughout the limestone riverbed. There are two kinds of tracks, some from Acrocanthosaurs (like a small T-rex) which are shown below. There are also some from Sauroposeidon (a small apatosaur) but these prints look mostly like round depressions in the mud, so they didn't photo well.




The Paluxy river's other claim to fame (or at least my source of interest) was as an excellent bass fishing river, especially for wading and fly fishing. I still can't get bass to go on topwater, but the chartreuse bugger was slaying them this morning. I actually didn't catch the target species -- largemouth bass. I'm trying to improve on my PB 14", and didn't manage that this trip. But, I did catch three new species, so I'm pretty thrilled with how the day went.

First up was this handsome fellow, which looks like a LMB, but I think is actually a kentucky spotted bass (mouth does not reach past eye). Unexpected, but not at all unwelcome.


Next up were a few sunfish -- these I think are longear sunfish, but they're much lighter in color than any other I've seen. The limestone river bottom may contribute to that.



Next up was the highlight of the day for me -- the biggest fish I caught and my first smallmouth!


I hooked and lost a few more smallish bass as I worked back down the river. Interestingly, most of my fish were hooked on a second cast -- the fish would follow my prospecting casts back in, and once I saw them they would hit a second cast of the same fly in their vicinity -- that's the opposite of how it's supposed to work, but I'll take it.

As we headed out to lunch, I stopped by a bush and landed another longear, though this one had a much darker color scheme.


For lunch we hit a local barbecue joint, which was delightful.


Afterwards, we headed back to the river. Unfortunately, the water temp, which was 75F in the morning had risen to near 90F by 2:00, and I think that really suppressed the bite. I was still seeing fish, but they weren't hitting the fly anymore, and I didn't catch any more bass.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

FW: Watched Forum: Fly Fishing : Stinky fun at PK

Liking this report from Possum Kingdom's Tailrace!


FWBanger: Stinky fun


I fished the Brazos below PK this morning and I smelled the water long before I saw it. It seemed as though they built the dam out of rotten eggs however the fish were definitely biting. I managed one LMB and around 30 stripers and sandies. I only kept one for dinner, "waste not, want not." Most of them were caught on a new super secret one of a kind fly that was hand-tied by a blind voodoo shaman in the dark jungle of Arizona. It took me two years to learn his language so I could translate the name of the fly into english. As best I can pronounce tell it is pronounced; olive wooly booger.

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Below the Dam at Texoma September 15, 2016

Another great report from Denison Dam….

texoma1231: Below the Dam at Texoma September 15, 2016

Fished below the dam at Texoma yesterday. They were running only one generator and that creates an advantage for the Texas side and especially for fly fishing. The fish were only 40 feet or so from the bank. I am guessing but I think that these fish were 3 to 3 1/2 lbs. I caught and released 12 total and some could have been bigger but not by much. Water quality is improving but still not where it should be. It will only get better. Fish were very healthy and in good condition. Fly of choice was a small white bait fish. It can be seen in the photos. No weight on the fly.
If you are just learning how to fly fish, this is a great opportunity to have some success as the fish are (were)in easy casting distance from the bank. Great fighting fish for anyone to catch!!!!

Tight Lines



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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Flies for Brazos River below PK!

Great info for PK!

robert hunter: Re: Flies for Brazos River below PK?

I'll be honest you will have a whole lot more fun and put a lot less to wear and tear on your arm taking the 4 weight. plain white buggers,whitebuggers buggers with a little bit of flash white Zonker's,the only thing I've used all year up there sz 6 chartuse and white clouser. Mylar poppers have been getting serious attention on the surface recently from the striper and sandbass with the cooling Weather. If you have only one split shot and you think your deep enough put on another split shot because you're probably not the fish have been feeding on the bottom except for the ones attracted to the surface with poppers. If you are not getting hung up every once in a while you're not deep enough. A full sink or sink tip line would be very handy right now. Good luck hope you do well.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fly Fishing : Surfside Beach Surf

Liking this report from the Coast!


karstopo: Surfside Beach Surf

Most years, I try to get in several wade fishing sessions in the Surf during the summer around Freeport. This year it has been tough to find the time, but I did a get little window this afternoon. Water was super clear, 3 feet plus of visiblity, and the wind was light out of the southeast but it didn't stay light for long. I waded out to the second bar and fished the 5 foot deep gut inland from the bar.

Casting in the waist deep surf is a little bit of a chore, especially with the 7'6" 7-8wt Cabelas CGR, but that what I had at the ready and the breakers didn't bother me until later when the wind got up. A little rip current had formed and that is where I found some trout feeding. For a time, almost every cast got an eat. I tossed a chartreuse over white Steve Farrar baitfish at them. This one was lightly weighted to ride point up, sort of a test for this variation on a tried and true pattern. Several trout, nothing big, plus a small jack and a couple of ladyfish came to hand. After a while, the increasing wind and surf drove me in. I'm happy I got out even if it wasn't for long. Wading the surf has long been a favorite and wading with a fly rod has made it even more enjoyable.


Friday, September 2, 2016

Denison Dam Tonight

Always good to  get reports from the Lake Lavon Fishing Team!


They now seem to be on a regular schedule of turning on the water at 12:40 pm and turning it off at 5:00 pm on weekdays. The stripers are beginning to school some beginning around noon, but they really turn on when the siren blows signalling the start of generating. They will stay up busting the top for 20-30 minutes and you can have a lot of fun fishing from shore on the Texas side during that time period because they are schooling right next to the shore. Sometimes they will also feed on top right after they turn the water off. They will hit topwater pencil poppers with abandon while they are schooling! I think the siren causes a vibration in the water which causes the shad to start moving and the stripers are ready and waiting for them. Get up there and have some fun, guys!!



The Lake Lavon Fishing Team.


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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Denison Dam Report...

Liking this one from today!

texoma1231: Below the Denison dam 8-30-2016


Fishing below the Denison Dam is showing some improvement. Not Great but good. Stripers are showing some energy as they are chasing the shad. I am hoping that this is an indication of additional oxygen in the water. The best times for fly fishing seem to be just as the water is turned on and just as it is being turned off. Current schedule for generation is 1:00pm - 5:00pm daily. These fish were caught today just as the water came on. All were caught on a solid white clouser. I caught and released 8 fish. All were about the same size as the fish in the photos. I am guessing 3-5 lbs.

Hopefully the lake will turn over completely soon and we will be back to normal patterns. Fishing is improving!!!!

Tight Lines

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lavon Lake and Dam 2016

A report from Lake Lavon. Hit or miss is the word this round!


KungFuJimmy: Re: Lavon Lake and Dam 2016

today evening fishing at lavon with two friends,caught limit for each,south wind 12 mph,bite still good from 5-8 pm used silver slab bottom fishing from bank

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Community Lakes

Nice Bass from the local ponds!



ckcrew: Re: Community Lakes

Well, I had a much better weekend than fisherman13 had. Saturday after watching the UFC card at a friend's house in carrollton, I decided check out a pond around the corner from his house(at midnight). It was a good night! Ended up catching 10 bass.

2 lbs, 6 ozs

Then caught this fatty around 1:
4 Lbs, 5 ozs


This one had a ewg hook stuck in his gullet. It looked like he broke off very recently. I tried to do some surgery and remove the hook but I was unsuccessful. So I let him go with the hook still in his gullet.

I prob lost another 3-4 nice fish due to some error on my part. I've been fishing with a fluorcarbon leader and it feels very different versus tying directly to braid. I'm still trying to get the feel of it.

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Denison Dam


Bummer on the dead Stripers…

texoma1231: Re: Denison Dam

I fished below the Denison Dam yesterday afternoon. The only generation was for 30 min from 4:30pm to 5pm with one generator. I arrived about 3:45pm and did see one fish caught from the OK side on a top water plug but the fish was small. I did managed to catch one small striper after the generation started. Caught on a swim bait from the Texas side. I did see a few small fish caught on the Texas side during generation but nothing big. All were around 1-2 lbs. I did not see any fish caught from the OK side during generation.

I have included a photo of the south wall of the flood gates on the OK side. If you look closely you will see a lot of white spots at the base of the south wall. Those are large stripers that are dead or dying. The photo was taken from the parking lot on the Texas side. The oxygen level is very low and the water temp in the lake is 84 and the survival rate of the big fish is poor. I did see some smaller stripers chasing shad during the generation so there are still some to be caught.

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Lake Somerville

Somerville report looks good!


J-Moe: Re: Lake Somerville

Most of the summer Ben and I have been fishing in the slower moving water on the sides of the chute. It has continued to be less and less productive so I decided to challenge the 2200 cfs flow with the fly rod again. Finally, after 2 years I figured out how to be successful. Sunday morning was incredible fishing. I waited until 8 AM for a break in the rain. I caught 15 keeper white bass before 9 AM. It started pouring so I took a break for about 45 minutes. They started reducing the flow at about 8:30. When I started fishing again at 9:45 the bite was insane. I was catching white bass on every cast for a while. As they continued to reduce the flow the fishing slowed down as well. I finally quit about 11:30. I ended up catching around 30 keeper white bass and another 5 to 10 dinks for the day. I kept a handful for a friend.

Most of the fish were caught on a white clouser.

They actually closed the gates all the way down yesterday. I tried in the evening but there was nothing but gar and buffalo roaming around. They have since increased the flow to 1048 cfs. The lake level has risen back up to 245.5 or 7.5 feet above normal.

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Nice Rio from the Guadalupe!


Liking this fish!




Hawkpuppy 1: My first Rio!!

Was wading a portion of the Guadalupe yesterday morning and finally got my first Rio on fly rod! Took a dry on my 5wt...



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Friday, August 12, 2016

FW: Watched Forum: Fly Fishing : Re: First Trip to the Brazos below Whitney

More reports on the Brazos!

Golfer Jeff: Re: First Trip to the Brazos below Whitney

Robert is a striper/hybrid hunter. Generation is good for those fish. Canoeing or yakking downstream for black bass and sunnies is different. You can get ahead of the Generation and stay there all day down to Dick's.

Both of the guys above know what they are talking about. If you want stripers and white bass, stay home. If you want black bass and sunfish (with maybe a carp or cat thrown in), come on down.

Or just sit tight and come to Colorado with me

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Veteran's Weekend Trout Derby on the Blue...

Just around to corner and November will be upon us and so will Trout fishing on the Blue River in Oklahoma. One item of note is the Veteran's Weekend Trout Derby held every year! This upcoming season includes a few prizes and raffles… see  below from Scotty's One Stop!

This Henry 30-30 lever action golden boy has been donated by minor munitions to help with our Veterans Day blue River trout derby. Chances are 5$ each or 5 for 20$ . All proceeds go to help buy more and bigger trout for the derby. They are on sale now at scottys blue River one stop and minor munitions in madill . The drawing will be the 13 of nov. At I pm you need not be present to win

Crappie on Lavon...

One Reader's post from this morning… Got 22 in a couple hours. 1 tree and one brush pile. 17 feet. Caught a couple 15 inchers.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fly Fishing : Blanco River Fly Fishing

Liking this report from the Blanco River!


Ruffhouse: Blanco River Fly Fishing

Went and stayed in Blanco, TX this weekend to visit some friends.

I managed to sneak away for a bit to hit the river with my fly rod.

New species for me.
Rio Grande Cichlid I believe (correct me if I am wrong).
I saw this guy sitting beneath a large rock so I casted my Hopper right to him to see if he would take it. It took a couple of tries but he came up and nailed it at the surface. There is very little that is more exciting to me than watching a fish come to the surface to strike.

Sorry about the bad angle. He decided to flop right as I took the picture.

Also managed to pull this guy out along with a few REALLY little blue gill that I didn't get any pictures of.


Sunday was much slower I was only able to get 1 blue gill to take a fly and it got hot pretty quick. So I called it a day.

I had never fished the Blanco River before but it was a great time.

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