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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lavon dam

Timely update from Lavon!
Texasian: Re: Lavon dam
They had the water on earlier this week for a day and a half...now it's back down to a trickle. Went out this morning for 3 hours and caught a nice 3.5 lb. blue cat on cut shad and a nice thick crappie on a sabiki tipped with minnows (also caught a dozen or so undersized sand bass and a few bluegills on the sabiki). Saw a bunch of gar and carp/buffalo in the water.

Shad was hard to come by without the current...but did see a huge school of shad being chased around the fishing pier right before I left.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Denison Dam

Very nice!
T3 Surf Rods: Re: Denison Dam
after three trips, finally got one, 21 pounds..they are swimming in slowly.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

PK dam


cmc: Re: PK dam
This was the bridge there yesterday.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

** Annual White Bass/ Sand Bass Run Fishing Guide Report, Tips, Videos, & Tricks **

Another great guide report!
TarponFly: Re: ** Annual White Bass/ Sand Bass Run Fishing Guide Report, Tips, Videos, & Tricks **

Report: Well, most all creeps in DFW are at their peak spawn now. The big schools of females have made their push up most creeks last week and the week before, and with this rain a lot of hybrids will show up as well. The next week to two weeks if you know what you're doing you should be able to get well over 200 fish days. PlanoKeith and I hooked up at the creek before the rains. Before I got there Keith was already at 103 Magnum Sandies. Took me less than 45 minutes to put 25 fat female mags on the stringer. The tent caterpillars are out now. Every 30 seconds one would drop on us. When we walk around and stop we would look at our shirts and we do have 10 or so crawling on us. I got home and took a shower and I could still feel them crawling on me. Creepy. The creek looked like it was sprinkling. But it was the Catapillar's falling out of the trees nonstop.

We have approximately three weeks of good fishing until it starts trickling down and they all vacate the creeks.

We are still doing Wade trips for crappie too!

$100 per person for Sandies

$150 per person for Crappie

Rowlett Creek 2016

More updates on Rowlett Creek…

MrNovice: Re: Rowlett Creek 2016
Originally Posted By: Lane H.
I know there's a few bank spots at that little island halfway across the bridge on I30. Worth pursuing?

That little island was known as Robertson Park and is owned by the City of Rowlett now, and completely gated off-limits. They are supposed to build some sort of "resort" there, hotels and all. Bank fishing anywhere north on Hubbard should be good right now because the spawns, just have to get deep enough to get the fish with the high water levels.

If you have waders and soccer cleats, you should be okay for anything Saturday. Just watch your steps cause it will still be very muddy. The problem is not really just the mud, it's the 10-12 ft vertical mud bank before the water. Hopefully the water has cleared by then.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kayaking Fishing Lavon Report

Good to hear kayak fishing is producing on Lavon!
Fisherman13: Re: Community Lakes
Went to prefish Ray Roberts last Thursday for a kayak bass tournament that is coming up on the 23rd only managed one bass that went 15". Hoping to have better luck on tournament day, but Inwas limited on time that day as well. Then Friday I took a quick trip to Lavon with the kayak as well. Was looking for bass but tried for other species as well. I caught a baby sand bass trolling a crank. Then caught a decent bass jigging for crappie that went 16" Later I paddled up a small creek and had a blue cat take my crappie jig catfish went about 25" Slow day but also limited to 2 hours to fish.

FYI lipping a blue cat not the smartest idea but it wasn't terribly painful.

Retrieved from http://texasfishingforum.com/forums

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Back home to the Lady

Looks like Crappie are biting on Lavon!

Haven't fished my home lake in months due to weather, drought, floods, drawdowns and tournaments...    :cool:
She welcomed me home this morning with a 2.6lb crappie. Fun stuff.   :cheers:
Thanks to Carter and his excellent guiding skills!

Retrieved from forum.lakelavonfishing.com

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Annual White Bass/ Sand Bass Run Fishing Guide Report, Tips, Videos, & Tricks **

FYI: Good to hear!
Mckinneycrappiecatcher: Re: ** Annual White Bass/ Sand Bass Run Fishing Guide Report, Tips, Videos, & Tricks **
Fishing is about to get really good, call or txt to book a trip, $100/person

Friday, April 8, 2016

Tawakoni spillway

Lake Tawakoni report…
RYBO: Re: lake tawakani spillway
It's been slow. Not enough water coming over the spillway if any at this point. We need more rain. I was there last Sunday from 6:30am to 9:30am and only got 2 stripers at around 8:30. But good luck!

Guided Crappie Spawn Trips- Tips Tricks and Pics (Wade or Boat)

Great info on Lake Lake Lavon from a local guide!

TarponFly: Re: Guided Crappie Spawn Trips- Tips Tricks and Pics (Wade or Boat)
Lavon Report:

Hit some spawning grounds before the wind got bad. Before I arrived at my destination, I was dipping some of the obvious structure in 7-18 ft. Found three in those depths. I got to my spot where they spawned in 2007. Rammed my boat in the wicked mess of old vegetation and that was my anchor. First drop of the Jig I landed what was in the picture, and as I figured, they were there and thick. After 20 minutes of goofing around I decided to hop in the water and Wade. That was definitely the ticket for getting these fish out of that thick stuff. And it's a heck of a lot more fun. 1-3 ft. Most were 1.5 to 2 foot deep on willows and timber. I fished less than 2 hours in super secure secret location, and managed 33 crappie. 13-16 inch average. Males were 13-14 and females were 14-16 inches. Black and chartreuse definitely worked better than white and chartreuse. thump buddies soft plastics was what I was using on 1/16 oz jig head and 8 lb mono. Pink head on the jig.

Water temps 61-64


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Stripers below PK - Update

Latest on the finding at Possum Kingdom…
spacemonkey: Re: Stripers below PK
Well it's not an algae bloom. Tpwd biologist said it was probably lack of oxygenated water from the slow release and the river turning over. I guess it's good and bad. Good it's not algae, but bad the big stripers are dying

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Stripers below PK

More development on PK, hope it's good news!
Retrieved from http://texasfishingforum.com/forums
spacemonkey: Re: Stripers below PK
Tpwd was called yesterday by a friend of mine. They told him it was unlikely algae because the water temps are still cool enough, but they were supposed to send out a biologist yesterday to see. They said it could be due to fertilizer runoff as well.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fly Fishing : Stripers below PK - Not Good!

Not good on PK…
spacemonkey: Stripers below PK
Bad news there must've been an algae bloom or something because there were lots of big dead stripers below PK dam this morning all the way down to Flint bend. I must've seen more than 50 !

Granger San Gabriel/Willis Creek

Latest on the creek…
fishytx: Re: Granger San Gabriel/Willis Creek
I got a little bored yesterday so I made trip to the steps. Arrived at 4:30 and fished to 6pm. Not to bad I guess, I caught 12. But here's the deal, they were 98% small fish. Maybe if I had stuck around till the sun went down I would have gotten onto a good bite, but I was frustrated in the fact that I couldn't catch something big enough to pull drag in the moving current, so I left. I had one that was about 12 inches, two that were barely keepers, but skinny, so I let them go as well as the bigger guy. Saw several fly rod anglers who were also on a bite, but they were hooking up with dinks as well. Water looks awesome, but we are on the tail end of the 2016 spawn, so there will be days where all you catch are smaller fish. There will also be days where a wave of the bigger fish will pass through on their way back to the lake. If you are there on that day, you will be in for a good day, but it is a hit or miss thing. From a few stories I heard while I was there, seems like there was a great bite on Saturday as a wave of fish passed through. I keep saying this is my last trip, but something about these guys keep drawing me back to try and have one more great day. There will be a few anglers who will hit it on a good day. Good luck to those who refuse to give up, hope you can limit out one more time.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fly Fishing : Olive Wooley Bugger for White Bass

By this report, an Olive Wooley Bugger in the fly box would be a good thing!

robert hunter: Re: The officially unofficial 2016 sandbass run thread....
Originally Posted By: Jesse10
My calculations suggested a wooly bugger. Thank you for that simple formula. It really works!
oddly that bugger has been killer here of late! It was on fire today for sure. Mateo hit them good this morning. My two days working all day killing me. Hope Sunday is good.