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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fly Fishing : Blanco River Fly Fishing

Liking this report from the Blanco River!


Ruffhouse: Blanco River Fly Fishing

Went and stayed in Blanco, TX this weekend to visit some friends.

I managed to sneak away for a bit to hit the river with my fly rod.

New species for me.
Rio Grande Cichlid I believe (correct me if I am wrong).
I saw this guy sitting beneath a large rock so I casted my Hopper right to him to see if he would take it. It took a couple of tries but he came up and nailed it at the surface. There is very little that is more exciting to me than watching a fish come to the surface to strike.

Sorry about the bad angle. He decided to flop right as I took the picture.

Also managed to pull this guy out along with a few REALLY little blue gill that I didn't get any pictures of.


Sunday was much slower I was only able to get 1 blue gill to take a fly and it got hot pretty quick. So I called it a day.

I had never fished the Blanco River before but it was a great time.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Needing access pointers below PK dam

Great info on access to the Tailrace!

Bass33: Re: Needing access pointers below PK dam

Take the road by the fish hatchery building & it will take you up near the base of the dam. You will have to walk less than 100 yards from there. There are numerous paths that will take you down to the water (fairly steep but manageable). Good populations of LMB, stripers/sandies, catfish & carp are there. Same goes for the area under the Hwy 16 bridge. With the lake levels back to normal there have been steady crowds of fishermen at both places on the weekends. It is MUCH quieter on the weekdays if you can make it out there.

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White Bass on Lavon!

Latest on White Bass on Lavon!


Fisherman13: Re: Community Lakes

Here is the latest report from Carey Thorn on FB about where the main school of sandies is right now anyways.....

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lake Lavon Catfish...

Another one to take note for Lake Lavon....
Been using large cuts of shad, perch and drum for bait . Fishing above the thermocline in the 10-15ft depth range.  Fishing has been slow but seem to manage a few on every trip with a few quality fish being landed also.
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Lake Lavon Crappie Report

Here is one from this past Sunday that may be of interest!
Fished out of my fishcat Sunday before the party people showed up and ended with 16 keepers in 4 hours using black/chart on 1/16 black head jig in 16' fow .

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fly Fishing : Match the hatch - catfish ?

Liking this post!

fishr3: Match the hatch - catfish ?

I took a long walk along Mason creek here in Katy and saw schools of baitfish swirling, swimming, and skimming after the mowers had cut the grass. I saw a few pods of these catfish and several pods of threadfin shad. Has anyone tied a catfish fly. I recall someone saying the bass will hammer these little catfish. I'm thinking a black woolly bugger should work.


Catfish video


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