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Friday, January 27, 2017

Streamers help on the LMF

Good tip for the Lower Mountain Fork!



robert hunter: Re: Streamers help on the LMF

If you go zone two when the water bottoms out after generation throw a white Zonker. Shad that go through the turbines will be in a smaller space and the fish feed heavy right when it bottoms out! They know to save their energy till the baitfish are in the least amount of water to chase them.



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Rowlett Creek 2016-2017

White Bass at RC!



J.Money: Re: Rowlett Creek 2016-2017

Female with big tummy full of eggs. They are running. Tight Lines.




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Red River Rendezvous - Jan 27 - 28

Something to think about and do for this weekend!




HicoHunter: Re: Red River Rendezvous - Jan 27 - 28

The Rendezvous begins tomorrow, Friday January 27, at 12pm in the Recreation Hall at Eisenhower State Park on Lake Texoma. The Red River fly fishers will have dinner provided on Friday evening. Hope you can come join us for a weekend of tying, casting, fishing, eating and visiting. Go to www.rrff.org the Rendezvous page for more details.


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Lake Somerville

White Bass action at Somerville…



GC2656: Re: Lake Somerville

Finally made it to the Yegua yesterday morning and did pretty well. Water was still a little muddy, but ended up catching about 40 white bass and keeping 24 over 12" (7 females).



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Guad below canyon damn

Good info to keep in mind for the Guadalupe…




mickfly: Re: Guad below canyon damn

As a former president of GRTU who has fished the leases for 20 years, i can tell you that despite the advice given above, the Guad is not wadable at 600 cfs, especially for anyone without an intimate knowledge of the river. It might be possible to arrange a shuttle thru one of the local flyshops. Also, you should know that Saturday is the winter meeting of GRTU, so there may be extra fishers on the river.


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Friday, January 6, 2017

Beavers Bend Report from TFF...

Fished below where to upper foot bridge used to be, down to a place we called the Christmas Pool ( that was a long time ago and I don't think it's called that anymore- certainly not after the flood). The river is just littered with fish. There are a lot of fast, shallow runs now that I like to fish with a wooly bugger. I like to skip it on or just below the surface in the fast water and watch the trout smash the fly. You miss a lot more than you catch but it's fun to just watch the strike. I landed twenty and probably missed three or four times that many. It's just crazy right now and the weather is ridiculously nice ( ran the air conditioning in the camper last night). 


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Crappie at Lake Lavon

Here is one from today about Lavon and the Crappie bite…


Pressure really effected the fish and they were just not comfortable. With water temps getting cooler them shad will be balling up in deeper water and migrating the creeks in the afternoon when the water temps rise.

On those days when the fish be skittish, fishing deeper can produce better results. Just have to adapt and try sumpin else. Its a rare occasion we get skunked on the Lady....but it is not so rare for us to have to change tactics from when we started to chase ole Pepe LePew away. The only thing that will help is TOW. Been fishing the Lady since 1978 so have learned a thing or two.


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Catfishing at Lake Lavon!

Liking this update!

Last weekend had different results all 3 days, 

Foggy day 1 and 2, temp was 48 to 52, wind was not consistent. Bait was shad

Day 1, deep water, fish some humps but they were not there, started drifting and was able to pick off 15, Here is a pick of a triple 30,26,25.

Day 2, mid depth, fished creek channels and timber, landed 7 biggest were 23, 33.

Day 3, started deep on humps caught 20,18, move to mid depth and stopped catching.  

We need a lot colder temps to get these cats to stack up. 


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Rowlett Creek 2016-2017

Fished RC this morning and crazy enough there are a other people who braved the winter chill. Managed to land a handful of small crappie and missed a lot of thump, can't even feel my fingers. Met Jimmy along the way and I too managed to land a sand bass. I totally did not expect that but the only keeper of the day, a thick 12 incher. If you dare brave the winter chill tomorrow wear a lot layers, the bottled water I brought with me was chilled. Be safe everyone and tight lines!


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