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Thursday, May 26, 2016

FW: Watched Forum: Bank Fishing : Re: Lake Somerville

Report from Somerville!



J-Moe: Re: Lake Somerville

Lake level receded to 248 ft. 10 ft above normal and releasing 2167 cfs. It's raining again today. Hopefully, it won't get to heavy. The Brazos and the Yegua water shed are both taking on water though. I noticed the water below the dam had risen about 6 inches to a foot so the Brazos is still taking on some water from the previous rains.

Fishing below the dam has still been pretty good for white bass, hybrids and catfish.

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FW: New Topic: Good day yesterday!

Good report on Lake Lavon!

"I went out yesterday around 6:45. It was cloudy and looked like it could either storm or clear up.
I started at the east side of the damn, and the wind laid down and it was nice weatrher. First cast, good little
14 inch bass. I kept working the damn and got a bite every other cast. 2 or 3 cranks from the rocks, it was a
Largemouth bass. If I got 10 - 15 feet away from the
rocks, it was usually a crappie (big crappie, 14-15").

I went to look for the Sandies to have a little fun, but couldn't find them biting. So, I went back to the west end
of the damn by the water release. First cast, I thought I was hung up in the rocks. It was a very soft bite. then the
line started slowly moving away from me. It was the biggest Largemouth I have ever caught. It was 22 1/2".
I thought it might be 10 pounds, but from the conversion charts, it was probably 7-8 pounds.
Anyway, I worked the entire damn with a deep running crankbait, bouncing it off of the rocks and
caught about 20 bass and at least 20 crappie. I missed a lot of bites as well. of the 4 years I have fished
Lake Lavon, I have never had a bite like that fishing for bass. Good day indeed!"


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Friday, May 20, 2016

Annual Channel Catfish Spawn-Lake Ray Hubbard***


Great write up on Ray Hubbard!


TxPacker4: ***Annual Channel Catfish Spawn-Lake Ray Hubbard***

Every year, around this time of year, Channel Catfish move shallow to spawn, and become extremely easy to catch. Most people, when they think about catfishing, they picture tossing a rod out, letting it sit on bottom, and staring at their rid/line all day. No one really pictures catfishing as "fast-action". Let me tell you, right now, it's FAST-ACTION.

Channel catfish spawn in late spring or early summer when water temperatures reach between 70-80 degrees.. Males select nest sites which are normally dark secluded areas such as cavities in drift piles, logs, undercut banks, rocks, cans, etc. A golden-yellow gelatinous egg mass is deposited in the bottom of the nest. Males guard the nest, and may actually eat some of the eggs if they are disturbed. The eggs, if not devoured, typically hatch in about a week. Fry remain in the nest, under the guardianship of the male, for about another week. Adults are largely omnivorous, feeding on insects, mollusks, crustaceans, fish, and even some plant material. Sexual maturity is reached in two or three years in captivity, whereas data from natural populations indicates channel catfish in Texas reach sexual maturity in 3-6 years. Most are mature by the time they reach 12 inches in length.

Channel catfish are easily distinguished from all others, except blue catfish, by their deeply forked tail fin. Unlike flathead catfish, the upper jaw projects beyond the lower jaw. Coloration is olive-brown to slate-blue on the back and sides, shading to silvery-white on the belly. Typically, numerous small, black spots are present, but may be obscured in large adults. The anal fin has 24-29 soft rays, in contrast to the blue catfish which always has 30 or more rays in the anal fin.

When fishing for these catfish, look for the areas mentioned above for good spawning locations, and fish CLOSE to the bank. 3-5' of water. Fish about 2-3' under a peg float, with a pinch weight or two under the float, to make it stand upright. I like to use a #1-#2 plain shank bronze hook or Kahle hook. Baits, I make my own catfish bait, that works like magic. If I'm not using my bait, I'm using shad. However, you can use minnows, night crawlers, dough bait/dip bait (smelly stuff), chicken livers, etc.

What you will need:

7' medium/medium heavy rid (spinning or baitcast)
8-12lb mono line (I prefer Triline Big Game)
2"-3" peg floats
#1-#2 plain shank or Kahle hooks
1/8-1/4 split shots
Hand towel
Bug Spray
Sun screen
Polarized Sunglasses
Tape measure/ fish measure

Bank Catfish Trips- $75/person +$25 deposit (deposit due when booking) FISH GUARANTEED. If you don't catch anything, don't pay. We will take you out and not only put you on fish, we will teach you everything you need to know, to come do the same exact thing in the same exact spots. All gear will be provided. If you want to bring anything of your own, feel free, but not necessary. If you have any questions, you can PM me here, or text me. My number is in my signature below.






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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lower Mt Fork River

Great report from LMF!
Mckinneycrappiecatcher: Re: Lower Mt Fork River - Fishing Guide Report with Video and Pictures
This weekend was absolutely epic in beavers bend. cody (txpacker4) and I could only manage one walleye Friday night, but Saturday all heck broke loose, we caught smallies, spotted bass, trout, sandies, bluegill, and to top it off, a two man limit of both walleye and crappie. All were caught on the fly rod on neer deer flies. Mostly throwing it out 3' deep under an indicator and twitching it back to me.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Kayak Fishing : Lake Lavon

White Bass are rocking at Lake Lavon!
kdub#1: Re: Lake Lavon
White bass are on fire right now. Main lake points.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Lower Mt Fork River - Fishing Guide Report with Video and Pictures

A report came in for LMF…!
Lewisville fisher: Re: Lower Mt Fork River - Fishing Guide Report with Video and Pictures

1st trip
current was strong, careful wading or avoid if you can.
fly shop closed tried fly fishing at EH. caught 4 10-12 in trout. switched to gold super duper caught 4 more plus 2 small LMB and a sunfish
went to the spillway dam nothing
went to cold hole 1 trout gold SD
went to spillway 4 trout on 1st stop 2 gold SD (1 was 18 in), 1 silver SD, 1 (18.5 in) all gold blue fox vibrax then rock monster ate it.
2nd stop 2 trout gold super duper (rock monster ate it)
3rd stop nothing rock monster ate 2 rooster tail and 1 mepps
4th stop 4 trout 2 gold SD, 1 white rooster tail, 1 mepps comet minnow (rock monster ate it)
started to sprinkle so walked back, then it stopped so I stopped by 1st stop again.
nothing for 10 min, then lunch bell rang caught 8 trout in 10 minutes all on gold super duper
what didn't work today was silver little cleo, silver kastmaster, powerbait pink worm, mepps black fury, silver, gold. rooster tail; pink, fire tiger, brown, black , rebel wee craw
all hooks barbless only lost 2, so please use barbless and single hook if you can instead of treble
stopped taking pics because it was stressing the fish out

Weekly Buffet Of Fish On The Fly - Video

Looks like PK is getting some action!
FishyB: Re: Weekly Buffet Of Fish On The Fly - Video
On the Brazos (below PK) Saturday morning. Had a fight on every cast for a solid hour of big sand bass and small stripers. Wore out by 8:30; great morning.

TPWD's 2015-2016 Trout Stocking Schedule...

Rainbow Trout in May in our area… Oops!
j_hirn2: Re: TPWD's 2015-2016 Trout Stocking Schedule...
I was wondering why this thread suddenly showed up again and now I know. With all the warm weather it sure is odd that there would be any trout left.

Nice catch.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Annual White Bass/ Sand Bass Run Fishing Guide Report, Tips, Videos, & Tricks **

Bite still on at RC!
TxPacker4: Re: ** Annual White Bass/ Sand Bass Run Fishing Guide Report, Tips, Videos, & Tricks **
Anyone looking to fill some stringers this weekend, give us a shout! Still catching a fish!

Jig and bobber, 1/32oz with albino and baby largemouth zoom tiny flukes. If the bite slows, drag minnows.

Short trip results

Monday, May 2, 2016

Rowlett Creek 2016

Report from RC this past weekend.
LakeForkGroupie: Re: Rowlett Creek 2016
Fishing was slow Sat morning. I had muddy water. I fished down by 66 bridge and noticed cars were coming and going, after hitting several spots, using several lures and colors, I found out why.. no fish. I left about the same time as others, they also blanked. Decided to head up to Firewheel and use the 4X4 truck in the mud. Finally found a few fish in the first pocket up the bridge, couldn't find them anywhere else. Ended up catching 12 small ones on tiny flukes dragged on the bottom. I have noticed the flood waters have moved around some underwater brush piles as I lost a lot of lures in new places.

Also saw about 20 snakes. All water snakes. They just kept swimming all over the creek. No snakes on land, happy about that.

Denison Dam

Nice catch at Denison!
T3 Surf Rods: Re: Denison Dam
Saturday catch, biggest one 35inches, around 18 pounds.

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