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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Lake Somerville Report

Report from Lake Somerville… Crappie anyone?



greenyak: Re: Lake Somerville

Caught a bunch of fish in the yegua kept 20 keepers http://texasfishingforum.com/forums/pics/usergals/2016/12/full-21078-141043-img_0425.jpg



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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lower Mountain Fork!

Great report on LMF!

12/22/16 | 09:40 PM TarponFly: Re: Lower Mt Fork River - Fishing Guide Report with Video and Pictures
The river is alive again. Probably from the four extra trucks they brought in.

If you know how to fly fish you can easily catch well over 100 fish on a trip. Some places you can throw a pebble in the water and 30 or 40 truck will swarm it.

There's a couple big fish over 20 inches cruising around as well. Some browns have moved up into the shallows to start their annual Spawn.

Right now my trips start out chasing Walleye for the first hour or two. When They slow down, then we switch over to trout.

Conventional or fly fishing trips available. Groups four or more will require another one of my guides to help out.

If you'd like to book a trip and experience some awesome fishing, text me or call me. Texting is usually the easiest and fastest way to get a hold of me.

And as usual, fish and fun guaranteed. You should catch your first trout within the first five minutes. Most of the time you catch a trout on your first or second cast!
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Monday, December 19, 2016

Rowlett Creek 2016-2017

Cold but others are trying for them…!



Jeepum2008: Re: Rowlett Creek 2016-2017

Braved the cold and went out there this morning. Caught two bass and then had to leave. Anybody go out there?



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2016-2017 Trout Stocking Schedule - Waterloo Report!

Looks like fishing flies were working in Denison's Waterloo Pond for Trout!





Reshelman: Re: 2016-2017 Trout Stocking Schedule

They were biting flies well up at Denison Saturday in the freezing cold. Didn't seem to matter which one, but people with bait and spinners didn't catch anything. Smaller seemed to be the ticket.



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Community Lakes

Cold Temps but Bass are still biting!





Reshelman: Re: Community Lakes

Caught another decent one pond fishing the other day in the cold. Drop shot finesse worm again



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