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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Blue River camp

Great report an pics from the Blue River!


Capt. Mac: Blue River camp

Took last Friday off and spent a long weekend camped out at the Blue with a buddy of mine. The object was to celebrate my birthday and to shoot a video. Both were successful. Campfires were poked, whiskey was drank, cigars were smoked, stories were told and trout were caught.


Spent Friday setting up camp, shooting video and cooking dinner. Pan fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn and ceaser salad. Got pretty chilly Friday night so we slept in a little Saturday morning. Cooked some breakfast and ate huddled next to the fire until it warmed up a little, then we hit the river.




Fished mostly with olive wooly boogers. Lots of midges in the air and on the water but I didn't want to get to technical with it while trying to shoot. Besides, my fingers were too cold to tie many knots.
Saturday night we sat around camp listening to rain, eating and sipping whiskey.



My buddy have to leave Sunday at lunch so we ate a big breakfast and sat by the fire until it was time for him to leave. Sunday was my actual birthday so I decided I would hit the river for a short time before I left. I had all the video I wanted but I wanted to catch a trout or two before i left just because a guy SHOULD do that on his birthday. I new of a spot were I thought I could catch one fairly quickly. As it turned out, the spot was loaded. I lost count at tweleve or so, figure I probably got about twenty in two hours.



I was trying to decide when I should call it quits, head back, fold up camp and call it a trip when I caught this trout I measured at fourteen and a half inches. decided that was a good one to call the trip on.


Yes sir, a good trip...




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PK Dam Trout

More info on Possum Kingdom!

With the lake full and the flow good we caught almost trout till July this year up by the dam. Many had put on serious weight hope the lake stays full again this year. Tends to be best on the coldest days and a week or so after stocking. (Helps the crowd and let's new fish get acclimated)



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Monday, December 18, 2017

PK Dam Trout

Trout at Possum Kingdom tailrace!


Went out to PK dam yesterday (first time in like 8-10 years), tons of trout from the stocking. They were jumping everywhere, even over my fly line. Caught them on a variety of flies but most were on an olive woolly bugger.
Turned out to be a beautiful day!




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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lower Illinois River

Reports so far indicate trout fishing is slow with the stockings on hold due to water quality. Keeping an ear out for any changes. For now, best to fish the upcoming stockings on the Blue River as well as Medicine Park.


Also, Pretty Water Lake near Tulsa is reporting Crappie are biting; they have heated docks to help brave the cold temps.  Plus a Trout Derby is planned in November; good to keep in mind when the trout bug strikes!


Lower Mountain Fork River

Reports and comments indicate the trout stockings are limited to the upper part of the river near the Spillway due to warm temps. Do keep it in mind for the time being.


Blue River C&R is stocked...

Blue River C&R was stocked last Thursday 10/26… tough bite for some but others did well with Mop Flies, Wooley Buggers, and San Juan Worms. Nymphs were slow but did start getting hits on a tandem rig Griffiths Gnat and Zebra Midge or Prince Nymph…. One report indicated Muddler Minnows saved the day! Some Bruisers out there in clear water!


Blue River Put and Take Fishing... First Report of the Season!

Fished the Blue today 3 hours without hardly a bite. And then they stocked it around 3 and I had my limit in about an hour. I caught them on spinners and power bait, 5 were on the small size, one decent. Released back in good condition.

Blue River Stockings...

"They stock every week November 1-March 31 depending on size 2-3-4 thousand a week nov and December usually more per week because they are smaller. We have a trout derby the 11-12 of November and will stock some 4-8 pounders , a good time to catch them is from the 11th on. Not all of them are caught during the derby"

Thursday, August 17, 2017

FW: Watched Forum: Fly Fishing : Fly Fishing Texoma August 15 & 16th

Great info on Texoma!!




texoma1231: Fly Fishing Texoma August 15 & 16th

I fly fished lake Texoma the past two day and had a great time and caught plenty of fish. This past Tuesday I put in at Eisenhower State Park and was on the water by 6:30am. Headed west out of Eisenhower along the rocks and the sand bass and stripers were schooling on top in some of the largest schools that I have seen in a long time. The Sand bass were of good size but the stripers were of the smaller variety. We were using 6wt rods with floating line and charetruse/white clousers. Sometimes you would find larger sand bass and stripers mixed in with the average size. We caught fish all morning long and were off of the water at 11:00am. If you want to have a great time catching tons of fish, now is the time to go. Wednesday was an exact repeat of Tuesday!!!!!

Tight Lines




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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Another on Squaw Creek Tilapia

Lot of reports and banter on this location!



Brad R: Re: Squaw Creek Tilapia

Yes, Squaw gets very hot with the water getting up into the 90s as I recall, maybe a bit warmer than that. During the cold winter months, it attracts lots of boats.

Tilapia once caught are not allowed to be released back into the lake; you either keep them for the fridge or leave them on the bank. There are that many out there!

It is a blue tilapia strain and it is one of the most cold tolerant of the species capable of surviving in waters down to mid 40s as I recall, so if the power generators were ever shut down during the winter months, they'd likely survive.

Yes, to the fish going up in the rivers to escape the heat. But, boaters aren't going back up in there to catch tilapia so much as the bass. Few people target tilapia out there from boats. And, tilapia have no issues with the hot water so while the river/creek shallows would be good places to fish, they'll still be in the main lake.

I'd carry out a large ice chest, a bag or two of ice and try to load the freezer. You'd be doing yourself, and the lake, a big favor.




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More on Squaw Creek Tilapia

More on Squaw Creek…



Littlefeather: Re: Squaw Creek Tilapia

I've not been to Squaw since Winter but caught a whole box of Tilapia and big channel cats. Squaw is the hottest water lake I've ever fished so Winter really pays off! Generally in the warmer months almost every fish in the lake goes as far up the river as they can go so they escape the hot power plant water circulating. Sometime you can just step from one boat to the next to the next up the river in the Summer. I wouldn't think the bank fishing areas would be very good right now but January and February should be non-stop action. We generally just use a slip float, small hook, and regular old worms. It's one heck of a good channel cat lake too! Good luck! Please report back! Thanks!



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Squaw Creek Tilapia

Great info on Tilapia at Squaw Creek… just west of Fort Worth!



Brad R: Re: Squaw Creek Tilapia

I have caught them while bass fishing, some really large. I'd recommend something similar to a drop shot rig with a small hook and I'd likely go with a minnow or a worm. Any of the coves will do if you are on the bank. A better spot at times would be up in the feeder creeks.

There are cleaning stations at the boat launch so you can clean them there before you take them home.


Photo of Squaw Creek tilapia below.


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Friday, July 7, 2017

More on Taneycomo Fishing

More info on Taneycomo!



robert hunter: Re: Taneycomo Fishing

Grey,tan,olive,uv,and black scuds sz 16-22. Also small 16-18 yellow soft hackles as a dropper if not going double scud. The best soft hackle fishing I've had on the Taney was single fly often swinging it producing best. If you want to try and tangle with a giant in the dark shoot me a pm and I can probably help. Fished the Taney hard last 12 years or so but the last ten of have been almost 100% at night targeting big Browns. If going double scud I like a 16 followed by an 18-22 still to early right now for good egg fishing imo hold that for fall thru spring.



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Taneycomo Fishing


Great update on Taneycomo!


Riverdog: Re: Taneycomo Fishing

oh and BTW - if you are looking for food...the following is "usually" inhabited by locals rather tourists. The good is good and reaonable and you can avoid the strip. http://dannasbbq.com/

If you are looking for a top shelf meal - https://www.keetercenter.edu/Dining.aspx

It is located at College of the Ozarks - a college that requires it's students to work and not borrow money for the college. Every student graduates debt free. My wife and I found it when we toured of the campus.It is one of the top two or three resturanunts in Branon. I had a chance to talk with the chef...an amazing man. He and two more professionaly trained chefs run the place and train the students. The remainder of the staff are students who from all over the world staff the frontend, backend, and kitchem who rotate through semester by semester as part of the work program.

My wife and I eat there #1 because the food is good, and #2 because it supports a place that provides an education for young people who would have difficulty affording one and or wind up in massive debt...while teaching them to work and not expect a free ride. The young folks that we have encountered are your typical entitled brat.


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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fly fishing Lake Texoma July 5th

Another great report from Texoma!!



texoma1231: Fly fishing Lake Texoma July 5th

Put in at Eisenhower State Part this morning at 6:00am. Just missed the rain. Actually it sprinkled some as we were putting the boat in the water.

We were using 8wt fly rods today in hopes of some larger stripers. Our first fish came just at the west corner of the cove at Eisenhower and it was a nice 2 1/2 lb small mouth. Followed by the same size large mouth. It was not long until we spotted some fish on the surface just out from the marina. We could tell that the fish were not large but it was the first top water action since fishing in Little Mineral trip a few days ago. We never got out of sight on Eisenhower and caught stripers and sand bass on top water most of the morning. We did catch some on clousers also. We were off of the water by 10:45 and had boated at least 35 fish between the two of us. All fish were between 13-14 inches and lots of fun to catch. All were released to get ready for next year.

If you like top water fly fishing.....the season is on!!!!

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lake Somerville

News from Somerville!


I went out to the dam this evening and saw white bass surfacing on the lake. I walked down and there was a guy fishing out there but he said they were too small and he couldn't catch them. So I started by throwing my normal clousers and marabou jigs and I had the same problem. I went through multiple clousers, marabou jigs, briminators, and rubber legged dragons and had only caught about 6. Finally, I put on a size 10 chartreuse rubber legged dragon and started catching them on almost every cast until I got bored. I put on a small popper and caught a couple. I finally thought I had caught a keeper but it ended up being a big bluegill. I picked up a couple LMB as well.

There were acres of these little guys and they stayed there feeding from around 7 PM to 9 PM. No keepers, but I still had fun for a while.


Lake Somerville was stocked with 60K hybrid fingerling a few months ago! The fish you are holding in the pic looks like a hybrid from the recent stocking! This is very good to see from an avid hybrid fisherman! If you are seeing acres of them boiling the surface, then the future is looking bright! They haven't stocked them since 2014.


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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fly fishing Lake Texoma

More details on Texoma's action!



mickfly: Re: Fly fishing Lake Texoma

Most of my fish were caught deeper -- 300 grain sink tip and a countdown from ten to 30 seconds, depending on where they showed up on the fish finder. But when they were up, it was just cast and strip, as fast as you can. Going back tomorrow for another dose of this fishing medicine!



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White Bass on Lavon!


Great report on the White Bass action on Lavon!


Just after 10am launch from Lavonia South, graph lit up.  Within minutes plenty of surface action all around. 


No pictures because I don't keep Sandies.  Despicable. spiney, awful tasting fish, but fun to catch & release. 


Doesn't anyone post anymore?  


p.s.  Went out Wednesday 06-21 and Sandies were on the surface around 1:30 about 1,000 yards west of RR bridge (east of Hybrid point).  Used the big motor but they were gone by the time I got there.


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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fly Fishing : Fly fishing Lake Texoma

Promising report on stripers at Texoma!



texoma1231: Fly fishing Lake Texoma

I fly fished on Thursday and Friday of this past week on Texoma in the Little Mineral area and had a great time. There were so many fish on top last Thursday that I could not believe my eyes. These were not big fish but there were so many and they stayed on top long enough that 5-6 fish could be caught before they went down. The stripers were 12-13 inches long and there were plenty of sand bass mixed in the schools. Most of the schools came up in the area of the Lighthouse Marina and moved up and down the banks from there. Actually they were all up and down that side of Little Mineral.

I had two 6 wt fly rods. One with a small top water popper and one with a small white clouser. While the fish were up I would catch them on the popper and when they would go down you could still catch them on the clouser. The fish were feeding on shad that were about 1/2 inch long so it was important to have a fly about that size. I caught as many as I wanted to catch. I think the cloud cover helped to keep them on top Thursday. Great day on Texoma. All fish returned to grow for next year.


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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fly Fishing : Re: Denison dam

Good to know!


texoma1231: Re: Denison dam

I fly fished the river below the dam this morning. Water came on at 8:00am and they turn it off at 10:00pm the last few days. I do not think that it will change until the lake goes down a foot or so. I also fished there yesterday morning when the water came on and the fish were feeding on the surface just above the pylons as the water comes on. They are generally in the middle when this occurs but can be right at the bank. It is easy to see that these fish are in the 5 lb range with some larger fish mixed in. The best opportunities for fly fishing are on the Texas side when they are generating.
No need for sink tip ling you will stay hung up more often that not. White clousers are a good choice but most any color will work. They need to be about the size of a threadfin shad.
You will have plenty of company this weekend but will also have a chance at some great stripers!!!

Tight Lines




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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pedernales at Stonewall

Report from the Hill Country!



1960texan: Re: Pedernales at Stonewall

I was just at the LBJ State Park a few weeks ago and caught a few bass and quite a few sunfish on an olive wooly bugger. I was wading at the foot of one of the dams. Easy access and no entrance fees.


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Guadalupe River

Report from the Guad!



jonesy_84: Re: Guadalupe River

Like others said go sooner than later. The water is fishing great right now. Lots of big bows and eager smaller browns in certain areas. Good luck! Heres a couple from last week.



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Friday, April 28, 2017

First Trout On The Fly

Always good to see trout on the fly!



1960texan: First Trout On The Fly

I'm still new to fly fishing in general...I've caught plenty of sunfish and several bass on the fly, but until this morning have hooked but not landed any trout. I wanted to change that before the weather got hot enough to overly stress the fish, so I woke up early to hit the lower Guadalupe just below Canyon Lake Dam. River was flowing at 278 CFS and the water temperature was holding at 62 degrees.

It took a while to get that first strike and when it finally happened I was so surprised I tried to set the hook too late. That snapped me out of my daydream and a couple of casts later I was ready when this one hit the brown wooly bugger I was drifting:


It put up a nice fight, and after posing for a quick photo was released back into the Guadalupe.

I've learned a lot by paying attention to what others have shared on this forum. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge.

Now I've got to figure out nymphing.


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FW: Watched Forum: Fly Fishing : Re: Over lining?

Lots of discussion on this concept on the boards!



RexW: Re: Over lining?

Originally Posted By: Jim Ford

But I have seen posts claiming that the author overlines all fly rods. Beware of that guy's advice.............

I agree with this comment. The person giving that advice may not be fishing the same way you are.

There is no "one size fits all" for up lining or down lining a rod. Personal preference, equipment, wind, fishing conditions, casting skill, and fly size can all play a part in the decision of what line size to use with what rod.

Here's an example, when the bass are holding close to the bank and fishing from boat, a 20 to 30 foot cast may be all that is needed. Well, a 9 ft rod + 8 ft leader and a 30 foot cast means that only 13 feet of fly line is outside the rod tip. Up lining a size or two to a heavier fly line can help load the rod and make casting large, wind resistant bass size flies easier at these short distances.

Trout fishing has similar situations, a heavier line size may make it easier to cast heavy nymph rigs that consist of 2 or 3 weighted flies, plus a few split shot, plus a Thingamabobber style indicator. On the other hand, you might want to down size the fly line when casting a single dry fly in calm conditions for a gentler presentation.

Basically, match your equipment to that day's fishing situation.



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Monday, April 17, 2017

Rowlett Creek 2016-2017





Fishn4Deer(PatrickSharp): Re: Rowlett Creek 2016-2017

I saw 1000000 shad this morning and no fish but gars.. didn't see anyone else catch anything except one guy almost caught a snake bite. He freaked when I yelled snake and it was less than a ft next to him lol



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Monday, April 10, 2017

Colorado Bend State Park - 2017

Quick report on Colorado Bend State Park…



waitinforabite: Re: Colorado Bend State Park - 2017

Took boat out there last Tuesday water was way up and still rising. River was rushing and full of debris. Ended up with a couple whites and a 20lb carp. Think the high water messed up the sand bass but ill be back this thursday. May just target cats.


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Friday, January 27, 2017

Streamers help on the LMF

Good tip for the Lower Mountain Fork!



robert hunter: Re: Streamers help on the LMF

If you go zone two when the water bottoms out after generation throw a white Zonker. Shad that go through the turbines will be in a smaller space and the fish feed heavy right when it bottoms out! They know to save their energy till the baitfish are in the least amount of water to chase them.



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Rowlett Creek 2016-2017

White Bass at RC!



J.Money: Re: Rowlett Creek 2016-2017

Female with big tummy full of eggs. They are running. Tight Lines.




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Red River Rendezvous - Jan 27 - 28

Something to think about and do for this weekend!




HicoHunter: Re: Red River Rendezvous - Jan 27 - 28

The Rendezvous begins tomorrow, Friday January 27, at 12pm in the Recreation Hall at Eisenhower State Park on Lake Texoma. The Red River fly fishers will have dinner provided on Friday evening. Hope you can come join us for a weekend of tying, casting, fishing, eating and visiting. Go to www.rrff.org the Rendezvous page for more details.


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Lake Somerville

White Bass action at Somerville…



GC2656: Re: Lake Somerville

Finally made it to the Yegua yesterday morning and did pretty well. Water was still a little muddy, but ended up catching about 40 white bass and keeping 24 over 12" (7 females).



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Guad below canyon damn

Good info to keep in mind for the Guadalupe…




mickfly: Re: Guad below canyon damn

As a former president of GRTU who has fished the leases for 20 years, i can tell you that despite the advice given above, the Guad is not wadable at 600 cfs, especially for anyone without an intimate knowledge of the river. It might be possible to arrange a shuttle thru one of the local flyshops. Also, you should know that Saturday is the winter meeting of GRTU, so there may be extra fishers on the river.


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Friday, January 6, 2017

Beavers Bend Report from TFF...

Fished below where to upper foot bridge used to be, down to a place we called the Christmas Pool ( that was a long time ago and I don't think it's called that anymore- certainly not after the flood). The river is just littered with fish. There are a lot of fast, shallow runs now that I like to fish with a wooly bugger. I like to skip it on or just below the surface in the fast water and watch the trout smash the fly. You miss a lot more than you catch but it's fun to just watch the strike. I landed twenty and probably missed three or four times that many. It's just crazy right now and the weather is ridiculously nice ( ran the air conditioning in the camper last night). 


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Crappie at Lake Lavon

Here is one from today about Lavon and the Crappie bite…


Pressure really effected the fish and they were just not comfortable. With water temps getting cooler them shad will be balling up in deeper water and migrating the creeks in the afternoon when the water temps rise.

On those days when the fish be skittish, fishing deeper can produce better results. Just have to adapt and try sumpin else. Its a rare occasion we get skunked on the Lady....but it is not so rare for us to have to change tactics from when we started to chase ole Pepe LePew away. The only thing that will help is TOW. Been fishing the Lady since 1978 so have learned a thing or two.


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Catfishing at Lake Lavon!

Liking this update!

Last weekend had different results all 3 days, 

Foggy day 1 and 2, temp was 48 to 52, wind was not consistent. Bait was shad

Day 1, deep water, fish some humps but they were not there, started drifting and was able to pick off 15, Here is a pick of a triple 30,26,25.

Day 2, mid depth, fished creek channels and timber, landed 7 biggest were 23, 33.

Day 3, started deep on humps caught 20,18, move to mid depth and stopped catching.  

We need a lot colder temps to get these cats to stack up. 


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Rowlett Creek 2016-2017

Fished RC this morning and crazy enough there are a other people who braved the winter chill. Managed to land a handful of small crappie and missed a lot of thump, can't even feel my fingers. Met Jimmy along the way and I too managed to land a sand bass. I totally did not expect that but the only keeper of the day, a thick 12 incher. If you dare brave the winter chill tomorrow wear a lot layers, the bottled water I brought with me was chilled. Be safe everyone and tight lines!


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