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Friday, April 28, 2017

First Trout On The Fly

Always good to see trout on the fly!



1960texan: First Trout On The Fly

I'm still new to fly fishing in general...I've caught plenty of sunfish and several bass on the fly, but until this morning have hooked but not landed any trout. I wanted to change that before the weather got hot enough to overly stress the fish, so I woke up early to hit the lower Guadalupe just below Canyon Lake Dam. River was flowing at 278 CFS and the water temperature was holding at 62 degrees.

It took a while to get that first strike and when it finally happened I was so surprised I tried to set the hook too late. That snapped me out of my daydream and a couple of casts later I was ready when this one hit the brown wooly bugger I was drifting:


It put up a nice fight, and after posing for a quick photo was released back into the Guadalupe.

I've learned a lot by paying attention to what others have shared on this forum. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge.

Now I've got to figure out nymphing.


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FW: Watched Forum: Fly Fishing : Re: Over lining?

Lots of discussion on this concept on the boards!



RexW: Re: Over lining?

Originally Posted By: Jim Ford

But I have seen posts claiming that the author overlines all fly rods. Beware of that guy's advice.............

I agree with this comment. The person giving that advice may not be fishing the same way you are.

There is no "one size fits all" for up lining or down lining a rod. Personal preference, equipment, wind, fishing conditions, casting skill, and fly size can all play a part in the decision of what line size to use with what rod.

Here's an example, when the bass are holding close to the bank and fishing from boat, a 20 to 30 foot cast may be all that is needed. Well, a 9 ft rod + 8 ft leader and a 30 foot cast means that only 13 feet of fly line is outside the rod tip. Up lining a size or two to a heavier fly line can help load the rod and make casting large, wind resistant bass size flies easier at these short distances.

Trout fishing has similar situations, a heavier line size may make it easier to cast heavy nymph rigs that consist of 2 or 3 weighted flies, plus a few split shot, plus a Thingamabobber style indicator. On the other hand, you might want to down size the fly line when casting a single dry fly in calm conditions for a gentler presentation.

Basically, match your equipment to that day's fishing situation.



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Monday, April 17, 2017

Rowlett Creek 2016-2017





Fishn4Deer(PatrickSharp): Re: Rowlett Creek 2016-2017

I saw 1000000 shad this morning and no fish but gars.. didn't see anyone else catch anything except one guy almost caught a snake bite. He freaked when I yelled snake and it was less than a ft next to him lol



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Monday, April 10, 2017

Colorado Bend State Park - 2017

Quick report on Colorado Bend State Park…



waitinforabite: Re: Colorado Bend State Park - 2017

Took boat out there last Tuesday water was way up and still rising. River was rushing and full of debris. Ended up with a couple whites and a 20lb carp. Think the high water messed up the sand bass but ill be back this thursday. May just target cats.


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