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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Blue River camp

Great report an pics from the Blue River!


Capt. Mac: Blue River camp

Took last Friday off and spent a long weekend camped out at the Blue with a buddy of mine. The object was to celebrate my birthday and to shoot a video. Both were successful. Campfires were poked, whiskey was drank, cigars were smoked, stories were told and trout were caught.


Spent Friday setting up camp, shooting video and cooking dinner. Pan fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn and ceaser salad. Got pretty chilly Friday night so we slept in a little Saturday morning. Cooked some breakfast and ate huddled next to the fire until it warmed up a little, then we hit the river.




Fished mostly with olive wooly boogers. Lots of midges in the air and on the water but I didn't want to get to technical with it while trying to shoot. Besides, my fingers were too cold to tie many knots.
Saturday night we sat around camp listening to rain, eating and sipping whiskey.



My buddy have to leave Sunday at lunch so we ate a big breakfast and sat by the fire until it was time for him to leave. Sunday was my actual birthday so I decided I would hit the river for a short time before I left. I had all the video I wanted but I wanted to catch a trout or two before i left just because a guy SHOULD do that on his birthday. I new of a spot were I thought I could catch one fairly quickly. As it turned out, the spot was loaded. I lost count at tweleve or so, figure I probably got about twenty in two hours.



I was trying to decide when I should call it quits, head back, fold up camp and call it a trip when I caught this trout I measured at fourteen and a half inches. decided that was a good one to call the trip on.


Yes sir, a good trip...




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PK Dam Trout

More info on Possum Kingdom!

With the lake full and the flow good we caught almost trout till July this year up by the dam. Many had put on serious weight hope the lake stays full again this year. Tends to be best on the coldest days and a week or so after stocking. (Helps the crowd and let's new fish get acclimated)



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Monday, December 18, 2017

PK Dam Trout

Trout at Possum Kingdom tailrace!


Went out to PK dam yesterday (first time in like 8-10 years), tons of trout from the stocking. They were jumping everywhere, even over my fly line. Caught them on a variety of flies but most were on an olive woolly bugger.
Turned out to be a beautiful day!




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