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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Another on Squaw Creek Tilapia

Lot of reports and banter on this location!



Brad R: Re: Squaw Creek Tilapia

Yes, Squaw gets very hot with the water getting up into the 90s as I recall, maybe a bit warmer than that. During the cold winter months, it attracts lots of boats.

Tilapia once caught are not allowed to be released back into the lake; you either keep them for the fridge or leave them on the bank. There are that many out there!

It is a blue tilapia strain and it is one of the most cold tolerant of the species capable of surviving in waters down to mid 40s as I recall, so if the power generators were ever shut down during the winter months, they'd likely survive.

Yes, to the fish going up in the rivers to escape the heat. But, boaters aren't going back up in there to catch tilapia so much as the bass. Few people target tilapia out there from boats. And, tilapia have no issues with the hot water so while the river/creek shallows would be good places to fish, they'll still be in the main lake.

I'd carry out a large ice chest, a bag or two of ice and try to load the freezer. You'd be doing yourself, and the lake, a big favor.




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More on Squaw Creek Tilapia

More on Squaw Creek…



Littlefeather: Re: Squaw Creek Tilapia

I've not been to Squaw since Winter but caught a whole box of Tilapia and big channel cats. Squaw is the hottest water lake I've ever fished so Winter really pays off! Generally in the warmer months almost every fish in the lake goes as far up the river as they can go so they escape the hot power plant water circulating. Sometime you can just step from one boat to the next to the next up the river in the Summer. I wouldn't think the bank fishing areas would be very good right now but January and February should be non-stop action. We generally just use a slip float, small hook, and regular old worms. It's one heck of a good channel cat lake too! Good luck! Please report back! Thanks!



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Squaw Creek Tilapia

Great info on Tilapia at Squaw Creek… just west of Fort Worth!



Brad R: Re: Squaw Creek Tilapia

I have caught them while bass fishing, some really large. I'd recommend something similar to a drop shot rig with a small hook and I'd likely go with a minnow or a worm. Any of the coves will do if you are on the bank. A better spot at times would be up in the feeder creeks.

There are cleaning stations at the boat launch so you can clean them there before you take them home.


Photo of Squaw Creek tilapia below.


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Friday, July 7, 2017

More on Taneycomo Fishing

More info on Taneycomo!



robert hunter: Re: Taneycomo Fishing

Grey,tan,olive,uv,and black scuds sz 16-22. Also small 16-18 yellow soft hackles as a dropper if not going double scud. The best soft hackle fishing I've had on the Taney was single fly often swinging it producing best. If you want to try and tangle with a giant in the dark shoot me a pm and I can probably help. Fished the Taney hard last 12 years or so but the last ten of have been almost 100% at night targeting big Browns. If going double scud I like a 16 followed by an 18-22 still to early right now for good egg fishing imo hold that for fall thru spring.



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Taneycomo Fishing


Great update on Taneycomo!


Riverdog: Re: Taneycomo Fishing

oh and BTW - if you are looking for food...the following is "usually" inhabited by locals rather tourists. The good is good and reaonable and you can avoid the strip. http://dannasbbq.com/

If you are looking for a top shelf meal - https://www.keetercenter.edu/Dining.aspx

It is located at College of the Ozarks - a college that requires it's students to work and not borrow money for the college. Every student graduates debt free. My wife and I found it when we toured of the campus.It is one of the top two or three resturanunts in Branon. I had a chance to talk with the chef...an amazing man. He and two more professionaly trained chefs run the place and train the students. The remainder of the staff are students who from all over the world staff the frontend, backend, and kitchem who rotate through semester by semester as part of the work program.

My wife and I eat there #1 because the food is good, and #2 because it supports a place that provides an education for young people who would have difficulty affording one and or wind up in massive debt...while teaching them to work and not expect a free ride. The young folks that we have encountered are your typical entitled brat.


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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fly fishing Lake Texoma July 5th

Another great report from Texoma!!



texoma1231: Fly fishing Lake Texoma July 5th

Put in at Eisenhower State Part this morning at 6:00am. Just missed the rain. Actually it sprinkled some as we were putting the boat in the water.

We were using 8wt fly rods today in hopes of some larger stripers. Our first fish came just at the west corner of the cove at Eisenhower and it was a nice 2 1/2 lb small mouth. Followed by the same size large mouth. It was not long until we spotted some fish on the surface just out from the marina. We could tell that the fish were not large but it was the first top water action since fishing in Little Mineral trip a few days ago. We never got out of sight on Eisenhower and caught stripers and sand bass on top water most of the morning. We did catch some on clousers also. We were off of the water by 10:45 and had boated at least 35 fish between the two of us. All fish were between 13-14 inches and lots of fun to catch. All were released to get ready for next year.

If you like top water fly fishing.....the season is on!!!!

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