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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Kayak Fishing : Fork 5/14/18

Report from Lake Fork…!


I had a good day on Fork, Monday. No big ones but more action than I've had in a while. Caught 7 in the two to three pound range on hollow belly swimbaits real shallow, two on 5 inch flutter spoon in 18 feet of water, and one on topwater. Spent the first three hours of the morning wondering if I would get skunked before finally trying it out deep and getting some action. I was just drifting around timber looking for bait and working it under them. Paddling back upwind and repeating.

Thought I might have done better if I'd stayed with it but it was a beating to fight the wind and have to constantly paddle back into position. Between paddling and getting spoon stuck and fighting waves to get it back with plug knocker it got old fast.. When I finally got hung up and couldn't get it back I was done with that kind of fishing as I only had the one with me. Forgot to put the ones I had just bought that morning at Joe Spaits Tackle Factory, in my kayak.

Covered a lot of water fishing shallow back up Little Caney. Picked up a few scattered here and there but finally found an area with shad swimming around on the surface and caught a couple real quick and lost a bigger one. When I saw an alligator come swimming into the same cove... it was like a sign for me stay put. Didn't get a picture as it went to the other side of the cove when it saw me and I figured I would catch up with it later but it disappeared in the vegetation.

The key for me catching was to only fish around the shad when they came near to shoreline vegetation as it didn't seem like they were getting chased in the middle of the cove. There were three or four schools on top for hours. Wished now that I had stayed longer but kept thinking I should try deep again once the winds laid down later and fished the last two hours of light where I started the day.





No complaints today and I'll be back there next Monday.


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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Grapevine report 5/12/18

One from Grapevine!



Searsay: Grapevine report 5/12/18

Hit up the north side of grapvine today early - decided to bank it instead of boat or kayak since wind was going to be brutal. Must of hooked over 30+ whites in about 1hr with my father and son - it was an absolute blast. Also got my 2year old daughter in on some fish (though her attention span was a bit short - she had a blast catching her first fish). A lot of smalls but a good number were keepers - we threw back anything under 13" as I wasn't looking to fill the freezer - just enough for lunch.

We then went to get some shad(had been using artificial)... And my first two throws were to far out... Caught no shad but got a 17in bass and two carp - all released safely. Had to throw the net at the shore (2-6") to catch shad - couldn't see them due to how rough the water was from the wind. My son had a blast seeing the shad swim against the net.

We had a number of people (both on shore and from boats nearby) catching bass mixed in with the whites. Saw one guy drag in what was easily a double digit bass that put up a spectacular fight.


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Kayak Fishing : Texoma

Good to know!



hurricanecraig: Texoma

Fished Texoma this morning from 6:30 until about noon. Water was 61 degrees. We launched at Eisenhower state park. I was trying to catch black bass but caught crappie and striper before I caught my first ever smallmouth before leaving. It was tiny. All in all we had a great time.



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