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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lower Illinois River

Reports so far indicate trout fishing is slow with the stockings on hold due to water quality. Keeping an ear out for any changes. For now, best to fish the upcoming stockings on the Blue River as well as Medicine Park.


Also, Pretty Water Lake near Tulsa is reporting Crappie are biting; they have heated docks to help brave the cold temps.  Plus a Trout Derby is planned in November; good to keep in mind when the trout bug strikes!


Lower Mountain Fork River

Reports and comments indicate the trout stockings are limited to the upper part of the river near the Spillway due to warm temps. Do keep it in mind for the time being.


Blue River C&R is stocked...

Blue River C&R was stocked last Thursday 10/26… tough bite for some but others did well with Mop Flies, Wooley Buggers, and San Juan Worms. Nymphs were slow but did start getting hits on a tandem rig Griffiths Gnat and Zebra Midge or Prince Nymph…. One report indicated Muddler Minnows saved the day! Some Bruisers out there in clear water!


Blue River Put and Take Fishing... First Report of the Season!

Fished the Blue today 3 hours without hardly a bite. And then they stocked it around 3 and I had my limit in about an hour. I caught them on spinners and power bait, 5 were on the small size, one decent. Released back in good condition.

Blue River Stockings...

"They stock every week November 1-March 31 depending on size 2-3-4 thousand a week nov and December usually more per week because they are smaller. We have a trout derby the 11-12 of November and will stock some 4-8 pounders , a good time to catch them is from the 11th on. Not all of them are caught during the derby"

Thursday, August 17, 2017

FW: Watched Forum: Fly Fishing : Fly Fishing Texoma August 15 & 16th

Great info on Texoma!!




texoma1231: Fly Fishing Texoma August 15 & 16th

I fly fished lake Texoma the past two day and had a great time and caught plenty of fish. This past Tuesday I put in at Eisenhower State Park and was on the water by 6:30am. Headed west out of Eisenhower along the rocks and the sand bass and stripers were schooling on top in some of the largest schools that I have seen in a long time. The Sand bass were of good size but the stripers were of the smaller variety. We were using 6wt rods with floating line and charetruse/white clousers. Sometimes you would find larger sand bass and stripers mixed in with the average size. We caught fish all morning long and were off of the water at 11:00am. If you want to have a great time catching tons of fish, now is the time to go. Wednesday was an exact repeat of Tuesday!!!!!

Tight Lines




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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Another on Squaw Creek Tilapia

Lot of reports and banter on this location!



Brad R: Re: Squaw Creek Tilapia

Yes, Squaw gets very hot with the water getting up into the 90s as I recall, maybe a bit warmer than that. During the cold winter months, it attracts lots of boats.

Tilapia once caught are not allowed to be released back into the lake; you either keep them for the fridge or leave them on the bank. There are that many out there!

It is a blue tilapia strain and it is one of the most cold tolerant of the species capable of surviving in waters down to mid 40s as I recall, so if the power generators were ever shut down during the winter months, they'd likely survive.

Yes, to the fish going up in the rivers to escape the heat. But, boaters aren't going back up in there to catch tilapia so much as the bass. Few people target tilapia out there from boats. And, tilapia have no issues with the hot water so while the river/creek shallows would be good places to fish, they'll still be in the main lake.

I'd carry out a large ice chest, a bag or two of ice and try to load the freezer. You'd be doing yourself, and the lake, a big favor.




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