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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Bank Fishing Lake Buchanan

Lake Buchanan Tips…


Re: Bank Fishing Lake Buchanan [by Gypsy Bass]

The what a burger and Walgreens off marsh and nw highway park there and walk towrds the bridges under the bridges There are bass and Croppie just be careful there is a lot of stick ups there and you will get hung up a lot I suggest using a bait did doesn�t touch bottom Texas rig worm will get hung up every time use a fluke or a spinner bait you could also go more upriver where it gets more now that�s were majority of the bass are at

Originally Posted by HuntingMom

Where are some really good areas to bank fish on Lake Buchanan?

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Perdenales white bass run


Report on the Perdenales!


Re: Perdenales white bass run [by ingvar3000]

sws210, the lake is a bit above pool right now, so all the river structure is under water. I think if you find the spots where the channel is choked down to a narrower width you could do okay. Otherwise the usual advice applies: keep moving until you find something biting.

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Sunday, February 17, 2019

FW: New Post: Lampasas River Puts Out


News from the river, the Lampasas River!

Lampasas River Puts Out [by Jaybonnett]

Had an awesome 3 hours on the river yesterday afternoon. It was very muddy putting in and chilly to say the least but, the whites were ready and willing to feed my family.



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Perdenales white bass run

Report from Pedernales.


Perdenales white bass run [by catchnrelease]

My neighbor fished Reimers on Friday. He managed 24 fish from noon to four. He was in his boat and went upstream towards the falls. He was using river minnows that he had previously caught. So I would safely say, that the fish are in there. But catching them is another thing. Time to get the boat ready and get out there.

Tight lines all!

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Nice urban carp

Carp report anyone!


Re: Nice urban carp [by J-Moe]

Nice job Robert. Those things hit like a freight train. I'm usually fishing with 6 lb. line when I run into them. I believe I've been broken off more times than I have actually caught them. I found a community lake with some monsters in it this summer. I put on 12 lb. test and they still broke me off. Small mouth bass, hybrids and carp are on top of my list for great fighting freshwater fish.

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Lake Somerville Report!

Latest from Lake Somerville!


Re: Lake Somerville [by fishytx]

I thought about something J-Moe. I wonder if these fish have spawned out and are on their way back towards the lake? I know it's early for this to happen but we had some crazy warm weather and the females have been spawning during the night and early in the mornings. I have had several anglers tell me that they were spawning everywhere in the mornings and I don't get there early enough to see it first hand, but sounds like it was really going on strong. Once those egg sacks are depleted those females have no reason to stay in this creek, it's time to turn around and get back to the lake and chase shad.

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Texoma Stripers

Liking this report...
Texoma Stripers!