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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Lake Somerville


Had a great time fishing the main lake today. In the morning I hit the points in W. Park and caught many white bass. They were all small and Similar size to the one JMoe is holding above. Caught a bunch of small largemouths and a couple sunnies.There were no signs of schooling fish.

Around noon I started fishing lakeside of the dam. I was pleasantly surprised that there was a very good sunfish bite. I lost count of the numbers. I could have caught a bunch more but the heat later was unbearable and I quit for the day.

While fishing the dam a first happened for me. I came upon a good spot and the sunnies were tearing up my grub. As I was reeling one in a nice sized fish exploded on it as I was about to lift it out of the water. It happened so fast I couldn't ID it. The fish started stripping line so I thought it was a hybrid then thought it was a catfish by the way it was fighting. It drug me down the dam aways but eventually tired. Pulling it in I could see it was a gigantic (to me) largemouth and I finally lipped it. There was no sunfish in its mouth and my lure was foul hooked near its tail. So not sure if this counts as a catch? In my book it does. Back to the story: when I grabbed my phone to take a few pics I found it had an overheated alert so I couldn't take a photo.
madI had left it out exposed to sunlight on my fishing back pack. I waited about a minute but my phone was still not working so I decided to let the fish go. Most likely it was the biggest bass I have ever caught but couldn't get a photo madI have seen videos and heard stories of big fish attacking someone's catch during the retrieve, but never experienced it until today. Sorry no pictures but I assure you this is a true story.

So overall it was a good day with a big surprise. Best lures were a silver spinner with insect like hackle around the treble hook and a swimming curly tail in blueish/gray minnow colors.



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