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Friday, July 7, 2017

Taneycomo Fishing


Great update on Taneycomo!


Riverdog: Re: Taneycomo Fishing

oh and BTW - if you are looking for food...the following is "usually" inhabited by locals rather tourists. The good is good and reaonable and you can avoid the strip. http://dannasbbq.com/

If you are looking for a top shelf meal - https://www.keetercenter.edu/Dining.aspx

It is located at College of the Ozarks - a college that requires it's students to work and not borrow money for the college. Every student graduates debt free. My wife and I found it when we toured of the campus.It is one of the top two or three resturanunts in Branon. I had a chance to talk with the chef...an amazing man. He and two more professionaly trained chefs run the place and train the students. The remainder of the staff are students who from all over the world staff the frontend, backend, and kitchem who rotate through semester by semester as part of the work program.

My wife and I eat there #1 because the food is good, and #2 because it supports a place that provides an education for young people who would have difficulty affording one and or wind up in massive debt...while teaching them to work and not expect a free ride. The young folks that we have encountered are your typical entitled brat.


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