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Friday, July 7, 2017

More on Taneycomo Fishing

More info on Taneycomo!



robert hunter: Re: Taneycomo Fishing

Grey,tan,olive,uv,and black scuds sz 16-22. Also small 16-18 yellow soft hackles as a dropper if not going double scud. The best soft hackle fishing I've had on the Taney was single fly often swinging it producing best. If you want to try and tangle with a giant in the dark shoot me a pm and I can probably help. Fished the Taney hard last 12 years or so but the last ten of have been almost 100% at night targeting big Browns. If going double scud I like a 16 followed by an 18-22 still to early right now for good egg fishing imo hold that for fall thru spring.



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