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Saturday, July 15, 2017

More on Squaw Creek Tilapia

More on Squaw Creek…



Littlefeather: Re: Squaw Creek Tilapia

I've not been to Squaw since Winter but caught a whole box of Tilapia and big channel cats. Squaw is the hottest water lake I've ever fished so Winter really pays off! Generally in the warmer months almost every fish in the lake goes as far up the river as they can go so they escape the hot power plant water circulating. Sometime you can just step from one boat to the next to the next up the river in the Summer. I wouldn't think the bank fishing areas would be very good right now but January and February should be non-stop action. We generally just use a slip float, small hook, and regular old worms. It's one heck of a good channel cat lake too! Good luck! Please report back! Thanks!



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