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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lake Somerville

News from Somerville!


I went out to the dam this evening and saw white bass surfacing on the lake. I walked down and there was a guy fishing out there but he said they were too small and he couldn't catch them. So I started by throwing my normal clousers and marabou jigs and I had the same problem. I went through multiple clousers, marabou jigs, briminators, and rubber legged dragons and had only caught about 6. Finally, I put on a size 10 chartreuse rubber legged dragon and started catching them on almost every cast until I got bored. I put on a small popper and caught a couple. I finally thought I had caught a keeper but it ended up being a big bluegill. I picked up a couple LMB as well.

There were acres of these little guys and they stayed there feeding from around 7 PM to 9 PM. No keepers, but I still had fun for a while.


Lake Somerville was stocked with 60K hybrid fingerling a few months ago! The fish you are holding in the pic looks like a hybrid from the recent stocking! This is very good to see from an avid hybrid fisherman! If you are seeing acres of them boiling the surface, then the future is looking bright! They haven't stocked them since 2014.


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