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Friday, September 16, 2016

FW: Watched Forum: Fly Fishing : Stinky fun at PK

Liking this report from Possum Kingdom's Tailrace!


FWBanger: Stinky fun


I fished the Brazos below PK this morning and I smelled the water long before I saw it. It seemed as though they built the dam out of rotten eggs however the fish were definitely biting. I managed one LMB and around 30 stripers and sandies. I only kept one for dinner, "waste not, want not." Most of them were caught on a new super secret one of a kind fly that was hand-tied by a blind voodoo shaman in the dark jungle of Arizona. It took me two years to learn his language so I could translate the name of the fly into english. As best I can pronounce tell it is pronounced; olive wooly booger.

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