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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lake Somerville - White Bass

Good info to keep in mind for anyone fishing lake Somerville; White Bass run continues!

Baldy Locks: Re: Lake Somerville
Just and FYI for parking outside the gate at Newmans. I am a senior citizen and have fished those creeks for more years than I would like to admit. Outside the gate at Newmans is the only place I have ever had any theft issues. Several years ago someone punched my lock on my truck door while parked there. Fortunately, they hit it too hard and broke the arm inside also and were unable to get in. There was nothing inside to steal, so I may have come back to no truck. Haven't done that since. Low life have a severe advantage there because they know when you leave that truck you will probably be gone for hours. And the road doesn't carry a lot of traffic, occasional oil field worker or park employees maybe. Not trying to tell any one what to do, just be aware. As much as we'd like to think things are " like they used to be", they're really not.

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