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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Community Lakes - Bethany

Liking the Bass action from a report on Saint Patrick's Day at Bethany Lakes in Allen!
McKinneyLonghorn: Re: Community Lakes
Had a great night fishing at Bethany on St. Patrick's Day. In fact, I accomplished what I have dubbed the Bethany Lakes Grand Slam - catching at least one bass from each of the four ponds in one day. Started off in the Horseshoe Pond with a bass off a bed using a Baby Brush Hog. Then caught four in the Main Pond using a wakebait, plus one off a bed using a Senko that actually jumped back out of the water and onto the bank once I released him (and luckily I caught that on video). Finished with two more fish on a wakebait, one from the Upper Pond and one from the Lower Pond 35-40 minutes after sunset. The last two fish I caught were the biggest of the night so I finished on a hot streak. Here is the video.

Also, I noticed a lot of fish on beds and a lot of people having no luck catching them. The thing I noticed about all of the fisherman was that they were walking right up to the bed, standing right over the fish and dropping straight down onto the bed. There is no doubt in my mind the fish knew they were there and were therefore not even remotely interested in biting. Just a reminder that if you want to catch fish on beds you've got to sneak up on them and get your lure into the bed before they know you're there. Wearing clothing that blends into the background is also beneficial, which I why I almost always wear a shirt that is some sort of blue/green color.

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