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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Another on Squaw Creek Tilapia

Lot of reports and banter on this location!



Brad R: Re: Squaw Creek Tilapia

Yes, Squaw gets very hot with the water getting up into the 90s as I recall, maybe a bit warmer than that. During the cold winter months, it attracts lots of boats.

Tilapia once caught are not allowed to be released back into the lake; you either keep them for the fridge or leave them on the bank. There are that many out there!

It is a blue tilapia strain and it is one of the most cold tolerant of the species capable of surviving in waters down to mid 40s as I recall, so if the power generators were ever shut down during the winter months, they'd likely survive.

Yes, to the fish going up in the rivers to escape the heat. But, boaters aren't going back up in there to catch tilapia so much as the bass. Few people target tilapia out there from boats. And, tilapia have no issues with the hot water so while the river/creek shallows would be good places to fish, they'll still be in the main lake.

I'd carry out a large ice chest, a bag or two of ice and try to load the freezer. You'd be doing yourself, and the lake, a big favor.




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