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Thursday, May 26, 2016

FW: New Topic: Good day yesterday!

Good report on Lake Lavon!

"I went out yesterday around 6:45. It was cloudy and looked like it could either storm or clear up.
I started at the east side of the damn, and the wind laid down and it was nice weatrher. First cast, good little
14 inch bass. I kept working the damn and got a bite every other cast. 2 or 3 cranks from the rocks, it was a
Largemouth bass. If I got 10 - 15 feet away from the
rocks, it was usually a crappie (big crappie, 14-15").

I went to look for the Sandies to have a little fun, but couldn't find them biting. So, I went back to the west end
of the damn by the water release. First cast, I thought I was hung up in the rocks. It was a very soft bite. then the
line started slowly moving away from me. It was the biggest Largemouth I have ever caught. It was 22 1/2".
I thought it might be 10 pounds, but from the conversion charts, it was probably 7-8 pounds.
Anyway, I worked the entire damn with a deep running crankbait, bouncing it off of the rocks and
caught about 20 bass and at least 20 crappie. I missed a lot of bites as well. of the 4 years I have fished
Lake Lavon, I have never had a bite like that fishing for bass. Good day indeed!"


Retrieved from http://forum.lakelavonfishing.com


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