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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lower Mountain Fork River - Trout

Always good to heed TarponFly's fishing reports! Good to hear Beavers Bend State Park and the River are open again. Heard from others that the Beavers Bend Fly Shop is being rebuilt, and the Three Rivers Fly Shop is closing after 18 years in the business… going to be a Winery!

TarponFly: Re: Lower Mt Fork River - Fishing Guide Report with Video and Pictures
The park finally opens back up within two days. They have been stocking while the park was closed, so the river should be full of trout and the occasional walleye. I'll resume trips starting next week. Unfortunately, I don't guide there after spring break starts. To many people for me. So the last day will be March 7 th. after spring break, I will guide weekdays only on the river. All my weekends are booked on Texoma, till June, chasing Striper. If you want to book a trout trip contact me and we will set it up.

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